How much does a drone light show cost?

Drone show prices can differ significantly, as they are impacted by several factors such as the number of drones used, the intricacy of the animation, the availability of the location, and other associated details.

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What affects the pricing?

Let's see how some aspects align with the pricing.

Number of drones: the initial price depends on how many drones are needed to execute your idea.

Number of light figures: our show can feature a few dynamic drone-made figures or transform into a kaleidoscope with a dozen light patterns.

Show duration: a typical drone light show lasts 8-12 minutes, but our drones can perform up to 24 minutes.

Location: expenses for flights, insurance coverage, airspace authorization, and equipment transportation vary by country.

Date & time: national holidays are a prime time in the entertainment industry. Late-night performances can also spice up the prices.

Concept: unique shows like immersive, architecture-based or above-water experiences may pose extra challenges.

Effort: picking a show from our existing portfolio or repeating a past performance designed for you can deliver a more cost-effective solution.

What our drone light show includes

You decide how many drones are needed to shape your vision. Regardless of drone number, you get:
  • Concept development & Storyboard

Sometimes you come with a ready-to-go concept, sometimes it’s just a vague idea. Even when you have none, we've got you covered. Once the concept is set and done, we create and send you a step-by-step document with high-quality renders showcasing the light figures that will be featured in the show. This document allows you to preview each pattern against the sky, observe the colors and transitions, and decide on the meaning behind each figure. 

  • 3D simulation & Programming part

Next, we provide a link to a real-time 3D simulation for an immersive preview of the upcoming show. Then we code each detail to animate the drones accordingly.

  • Drones & Supporting equipment

Besides performing drones, we bring extra drones to the show location, as well as the ground station that controls the robotic swarm, and battery chargers.

  • Logistics

While our equipment travels to your location, it is protected in self designed cases, allowing highly efficient packing without compromising on safety.

  • Team & Project management  

We handle all aspects of the drone show planning and execution, including pre-event preparations, communication, and on-site coordination. In addition, you get access to tech and operations experts, show assistants, and licensed pilots to deliver you an amazing performance.

  • Test flights

Before the actual show, we pre-perform to double-check everything and give you a glimpse of what we created together. 

  • Showtime

With bright lights captivating the audience's gaze and our cameras capturing moments on the ground and in the sky, you have a show that promises electric memories and a stunning video by Cyberdrone.

How many drones do you need

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Have some questions?
Here are the answers!

How long can a drone show last?

A regular drone show lasts for around 10-20 minutes. However, our show can be extended for up to 24 minutes.

What is the minimum number of drones to put on a show?

For a standard performance, a minimum of 100 drones is required. To create something extraordinary, we recommend aiming for 300 drones or more.

Can bad weather stop the show?

Come rain or breeze, we strive to deliver an exceptional show that won't be hindered by the weather. However, in the case of unfavorable conditions, our pilot will make the final decision after discussing it with you.

Can I get a refund due to weather-related cancellations?

Weather can be unpredictable, but we offer the option to reschedule the show for the next day if conditions improve. If the weather remains unfavorable, we will retain payment for the work done and refund the remaining amount.

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