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Who we are

Cyberdrone has long-term experience in the drone manufacturing and entertainment industries. We’ve the expertise to create fast drones with longer flight time to ensure high-quality shows.​

Our well-rounded team includes engineers, artists, animators, live event specialists, and global business professionals.

We are working worldwide and ready to create stunning visual experiences with you.

/  Team

Our diverse team consists of engineers, artists, animators, live event specialists, and global business professionals.

/ people who create the best show ever
/ Founder & CTO
Ivan Biriuk
/ Marketing Manager
Vyacheslav Gribkov
/ Content Manager
Uliana Stelmakh
/ 3D Artist
Vladimir Krilov
/ Drone Show Pilot
Rodion Stasenko
/ Head of business development
Lida Hsieh
/ Senior QA Engineer
Denis Maksimov
/ Lead Software Engineer
Andrey Komarov
/ Software Engineer
Artem Trubin
/ 3D Artist
Aleksander Uvarov
/ Technical Support Engineer
Artem Neveykin
/ Hardware Engineer
Evgeny Shemyakin
/ Industrial Designer
Denis Kotov
/ Senior 3D Artist
Aleksandr Permyakov

Recent projects

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Drone technology

In-house production
We develop and implement the best swarm technology solutions.
High stability and accuracy
Reliable dual-frequency global navigation, high-speed animation, and incredible flight stability.
Brighter than ever
High-efficiency LEDs ensure visibility within 5 km and more.
Lightweight yet powerful
With a weight less than 232 g and powerful motors, our drones provide exciting flying experience and are easy to get required permits.
Industry-leading show duration
Forget 10-minute shows, you’ll have a 24-minute drone light performance.

/  Highlights

We follow global drone regulations and standards for you to be safe while enjoying the show.  

Our drones are registered in the USA, EU, and UAE. Each is covered worldwide.

We use a secured ground operation system that facilitates control and ensures flight stability.

Our drones operate at frequencies allowed worldwide. Compliance with global drone regulations.

No matter how complex the animation is, we carefully consider every detail to program our drones.  

Lightweight drones make the logistics easier and reduce the risks.


The price starts at $20k and depends on the number of drones and animation complexity. We tailor the show to your budget and imagination.

Count of drones

/ Simulator

Immerse yourself in the simulation. Play with parameters. Change the view. This is your show.

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