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Cyberdrone brings together an elite team of experts from across the globe, pioneering in cutting-edge drone technology and creative concepts. We're not only advancing our field but influencing others as well. To us, drones are not just tools for innovation; they're a canvas for creativity, a source of entertainment, and a powerful marketing ally.

We're open to collaborations and operate worldwide. We've executed over 200 successful drone sky projects across the GCC, Turkey, Asia, Australia, Europe, and India. With us, you can shine brighter and become more noticeable.

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From concept to reality

5 - 3 Weeks
Before Event
A safe flight zone and best viewing spots are confirmed, followed by securing flight permits with you.
3 - 2 Weeks
Before Event
Once the concept is approved, animation and programming work starts.
1 Week
Before Event
The equipment and
operation team
arrive on site.
Set Up
4 - 3 Days
Before Event
Final safety checks and additional test flights are performed to ensure smooth operation of the show.

Drone technology

In-house production
We develop and implement the best swarm technology solutions.
High stability and accuracy
Reliable dual-frequency global navigation, high-speed animation, and incredible flight stability.
Brighter than ever
High-efficiency LEDs ensure visibility within 5 km and more.
Lightweight yet powerful
With a weight less than 232 g and powerful motors, our drones provide exciting flying experience and are easy to get required permits.
Industry-leading show duration
Forget 10-minute shows, you’ll have a 24-minute drone light performance.

/  Highlights

We follow global drone regulations and standards for you to be safe while enjoying the drone sky show.  

Our drones are registered in the USA, EU, and UAE. Each is covered worldwide.

We use a secured ground operation system that facilitates control and ensures flight stability.

Our drones operate at frequencies allowed worldwide. Compliance with global drone regulations.

No matter how complex the animation is, we carefully consider every detail to program our drones.  

Lightweight drones make the logistics easier and reduce the risks.


We tailor our show to your budget and imagination. Wanna hire a drone display? Learn more on the Pricing page.

Count of drones

Have a question?
Here are the answers!

What events are best to book a drone display for?

Are you going to rent a drone display? It’s only fair. Drone art can be a captivating addition to various events or even as a standalone show. It enhances the overall visual and sensory experience, evokes positive emotions and leaves a lasting impression:

  • Music concerts and festivals.
  • Corporate events such as product launches, company anniversaries, or annual conferences.
  • Weddings and private celebrations.
  • Sports events.
  • Public holidays and celebrations.

How many drones are needed as a minimum for the show?

Starting with 100 drones, you can showcase shiny logos, bright messages, simple figures, and delightful animations illuminating the sky. And it already looks beautiful.

With 500 drones, the light patterns become denser. We can create massive QR codes readable by phone cameras, colorful portraits and more intricate light figures.

Every subsequent 500-1000 drones expand the possibilities for our animators, allowing them to design even more ambitious displays.

In our portfolio, you can find examples of shows featuring various numbers of drones.

What is the process for booking a drone light show?

Whether you have a specific idea in mind, simply wish to elevate your event with a drone light show or incorporate our performance into your marketing campaign, our team is here to help. We can refine your concept or develop a show from scratch, collaborating with you on every detail.

What’s next? After finalizing the concept and venue, we handle the programming and present you with a simulation of the anticipated show via a special 3D visualizer. We prepare the equipment, secure the necessary flight permits, and manage transportation. We may need your input at certain junctures. Once on site, we set up the area, ready the drones for takeoff, conduct pre-flight tests, and then mesmerize the audience with a breathtaking performance.

Why is a drone show better than a fireworks display?

Fireworks, classified as low explosive pyrotechnic devices, and drone light shows, which involve unmanned aerial vehicles, are both used for entertainment. However, drone art beats fireworks in terms of versatility and advantages, making it suitable for various applications, including innovative marketing:

  • Virality. Drone shows provide a futuristic and awe-inspiring experience that fireworks cannot match. Such performances leave a deeper impression on audiences and often go viral on social media.
  • Safety. Drone shows eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries associated with fireworks, making them a safer alternative for both spectators and operators alike.
  • Environmental friendliness. Unlike fireworks, drone shows do not release harmful chemicals or produce smoke.
  • Flexibility. Drone shows offer enhanced possibilities for creativity and customization, catering to diverse audiences.
  • Quieter performance. Drones produce minimal noise, ensuring no discomfort to animals, seniors, or those with sensitive hearing.
  • Reusability. Drones can be used multiple times. This is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, as show programs developed once can be showcased repeatedly.

How many people can see a drone light show?

Thanks to our radiant LEDs, the spectacle can be enjoyed within a generous 5-kilometer radius, captivating not just the invited attendees but also curious onlookers.

Besides, the power of social media cannot be underestimated—a massive online community, spanning thousands, if not millions, can access and enjoy a video recording afterwards.

"Drone display" and "drone light show": What sets them apart?

Drone displays are essentially the same as drone light shows and refer to the use of multiple drones, often equipped with lights, to create visual formations and animations in the sky. These displays leverage sophisticated programming to coordinate the drones' movements, allowing them to form various shapes, patterns, and even portray images or messages against the backdrop of the night sky. The technology behind drone displays integrates elements of aerial robotics, computer graphics, and choreography to achieve a synchronized and dynamic aerial show.

/ Simulator

Immerse yourself in the simulation. Play with parameters. Change the view. This is your show.

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September 7, 2023
min read
How do drone light shows work?

Have you ever wondered how drone shows actually come to life? Well, cozy up, because we're about to unveil some behind-the-curtain secrets and explore the inner workings of a drone swarm display.

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