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Kwality Wall’s Bonded With UNESCO

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A drone show in India: Indian delight 

When frozen desserts meet Durga Puja, a sacred Hindu festival from UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list, and Cyberdrone, Kolkata gets a splendid drone show. And a new ice cream presentation by robotic fireflies. An event woven of color, taste, brightness, and authentic experience.

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October 2022
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The Durga Puja drone art in Kolkata 

Kolkata is nestled in the Ganges Delta. It’s the second largest city in India by area, the capital of the West Bengal state, once the heart of the British Empire, and now the center of science, culture, art, politics, and social life. Another hallmark of Kolkata is its citizens' love for the frozen desserts made by the famous brand Kwality Wall's.

In 2022, Kwality Wall's have timed a special new dessert to celebrate Durga Puja and honor the victory of Maa Durga, the goddess that defeated the demon named Mahishasura. This demon was almost omnipotent, and no man could defeat him. So Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva decided to team up and create a woman who would have their abilities to save the world from evil. This is how Maa Durga was born. And the festival, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, is dedicated to her.

To present Nolen Gur on a grand scale, Kwality Wall's teamed up with Cyberdrone. First, there has never been a drone show in such a large and ancient city as Kolkata. And second, who hasn’t dreamed of drawing a message for their audience with stars?

We intertwined the legend of Maa Durga with Kwality Wall’s desserts and ice cream, using 500 drones. Flying high above Bagh Bazaar, they formed the iridescent Kwality Wall’s logo with beating hearts. Then the radiant image crumbled into shimmering sparks, turning into the goddess’s face. And from the light she left, a dance was born. The dancing figures turned into Kwality Wall’s signature tricycle, and finally the name of the Nolen Gur dessert shone against the darkness and was packed in a glittering jar in front of the viewer’s eyes. Finally, a table with treats was set in the night sky, and the performance ended with a bright message from the event organizers. This is how a drone show can become a breathtaking story.

It was an incredible pleasure for us to share the sacred holiday with the citizens, put on solemn and beautiful clothes, present the first Kolkata’s drone show, and soak up the festive atmosphere.

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