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Drone Show in Switzerland: Plan ₿ Forum

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The 14th Bitcoin Whitepaper Birthday

The crypto community gathered in southern Switzerland to celebrate the 14th Bitcoin Whitepaper Birthday in the glow of the Cyberdrone Light Show. For the first time, our drones had to cover 500 meters between the taking off area and the viewers. A real drone show challenge that turned into a spectacular element.

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October 2022
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Advertising Agency

Cyberdrone’s lights in the Lugano sky

Lugano is a picturesque city on the southern slopes of the Alps. Here, Italian speech is heard everywhere and, on the surface of the Lugano lake either the sun sparkles or starlight gleams. This is where the annual Lugano's Plan ₿ Forum takes place, an event that brings together everyone who’s interested in Bitcoin and seeks the freedom that cryptocurrencies give. This is where the future starts.

In 2022, Lugano's Plan ₿ Forum coincided with the 14th Bitcoin Whitepaper Birthday. An occasion worthy of a magnificent drone show. Therefore, to make the event brighter and more memorable, Cyberdrone arrived.

The show was going to take place right over the lake, creating a mirror effect on the dark surface of the water, enhancing the visual effect.

However, we met an intricate challenge that made the show even more interesting. The shining matrix woven from drones had to allow for 500 meters between the taking off area and the spectators.

"Usually, the distance between the takeoff area and the performance area is shorter. Sometimes, the drones just need to fly up without moving horizontally. This time, the geographical features of Lugano dictated their terms, and we had to figure out how to make a longer takeoff spectacular."

Evan, Founder & CTO at Cyberdrone

Through meticulous pre planning and risk analysis, the iridescent swarm of lights rose perfectly, despite the extended distance, allowing the shiny narrative to begin.

All the light figures were connected with the event’s theme, forming the constellations of Plan ₿ Forum, peer-to-peer chat named Keet, Bitcoin, and bewitching abstractions. The highlight of the program was a huge 400-drone QR Code that could be easily scanned by any smart phone and take them to the Bitkit website.

In other words, the mesmerizing spectacle was, at the same time, an innovative promotion. Ads that you can not look away from, that you shoot and share on social media. Which ends with a multi-colored lightfall, slowly fading into the darkness.

You see, mountain air, unity of nature and urbanism, a crowd of like-minded people, and a drone show turned out to be the perfect night to remember.

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