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Saudi National Day

A Drone Show in Saudi Arabia: National Pride

/ 1000 DRONES
/ 18 MINS

The 93rd Saudi National Day Drone Show

For the 93rd Saudi National Day, the people of Saudi Arabia united under the theme 'We Dream and Achieve', celebrating the nation's rich history and bright future. Amid the celebrations, Cyberdrone was thrilled to contribute to the festivities by presenting Ha’il with its very first drone light show. This wasn't just any display; it was a spectacular showcase of immense portraits of the royal family, intricately woven from drones. Two nights in a row.

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national celebration
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September 2023
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Organizing Events

First-Ever Drone Light Show in Ha’il

Nestled in an oasis in the vast Najd desert, the city is famed for its succulent dates. A historical crossroads of trade routes, it's encircled by ancient relics, telling tales of its bustling past. Picture the spectacle of a modern drone show illuminating the skies over this historical heartland. Remarkably, this fusion of advanced technology with timeless landscapes created a scene of unexpected beauty and harmony.

As night descended, every gaze in the Olive Garden lifted to the heavens, where streams of luminous drones rose gracefully into the air. They soon wove into complex patterns, unveiling national emblems, logos, and the visages of the nation's leaders to the spellbound crowd below.

Royal Family Portraits and More

The performance unfolded over an impressive 18 minutes, a duration that tests the limits of many drones, yet Cyberdrone's advanced technology enables even longer flights.

Accompanied by the always captivating ascent and descent, the audience witnessed a tapestry of light, with around a dozen distinct figures and designs shining in the night sky. Among these were:

  • The Saudi Arabian flag, resembling a tapestry of stars, looked incredibly majestic.
  • Royal portraits. We indeed painted the portraits of the King, the Crown Prince, the Prince of Ha'il, and the Deputy Governor of Hail, but with the assistance of drones. There's something unique about using shimmering light instead of traditional paints, and the sky instead of a canvas.
  • Logos and symbols: A variety of the kingdom's logos and symbols, each glowing emblem a testament to the nation's heritage and pride.
  • Captivating abstractions: The patterns and shapes of light seemed to hypnotize with their shimmering interplay.

All of this was brought to life with 1000 drones, enabling us to capture intricate details and play with the scale of the performance. The number of drones really does make a difference. While a small fleet can achieve a lot, truly grand ideas come to life with the right-sized fleet.

And yes, we ran the show twice to give more people a chance to enjoy it. After all, The Saudi National Day celebrations lasted more than one evening. It was an incredible experience, filled with impressions and positive emotions. Looking forward to new encounters!

Drone Shows: The Art of Experience Marketing

You might not immediately connect marketing with a national holiday, but Cyberdrone takes it to the next level. We don't just promote events, places, brands, and products; we also highlight people and ideas.

Our drone shows create vivid, memorable experiences that forge a deep connection between the audience and what they see. In a recent showcase, we focused on strengthening national unity. However, drone art isn't limited to just that—it's a versatile marketing tool that can make an impact in almost any scenario.

What's more, the effects of this marketing strategy extend far beyond the event itself, spreading through word of mouth and living on as fond memories.

We also want to thank our partners, Creativity Experts. With their support, we're confident in achieving exceptional results.

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Even a sparkle of your imagination will be enough to ignite our creativity. Let’s do this together.

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