Solidarity Islamic Games

The 5th Islamic Solidarity Games

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A drone show in Turkey above the stadium 

Elite Islamic athletes gathered for the fifth time to strengthen the Islamic camaraderie and invited Cyberdrone to literally highlight it from above. This drone show in Konya naturally blended into the overall narrative, up to the synchronized dance of a shining dervish over the stadium, and real dancers swirling on the ground.

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opening ceremony
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August 2022
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Event Agency

Raising the sport spirit with a drone show 

Konya is an ancient cradle with a history of 9 millennia. This city changed names, saw how dynasties were born and went into oblivion, but itself remained unshakable and true to its land. No wonder that, in the end, Konya turned into a living legend, which Cyberdrone has already visited to perform at the 9th Konya Science Festival. We arrived to put on an equally legendary drone show during the opening ceremony of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games.

The idea of establishing some kind of grandiose sports competition that will carry Islamic values around the world and nourish the youth with the commitment to strength and unity was voiced at the Third Islamic Summit in 1981. It was expressed by Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz. And after 24 years, his idea was embodied and rooted. Even the pandemic couldn’t prevent Islamic athletes from getting together in Turkey at the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stadium and showing themselves as soon as it was allowed.

Cyberdrone faced an enthralling challenge. Usually our show is a standalone performance, but this time we have been integrated into a larger picture of a light show, fireworks, and dancers, working in unison. And we had to tilt the drone figures the way the Islamic rulers see them perfectly clear from their seats. Spoiler alert: everything worked out.

The excitement was enormous as the rulers of seven Islamic states, many dignitaries and thousands of people, inspired by the idea of Islamic solidarity at the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stadium. On top of that, the ceremony and our drone show were broadcast around the world, that is, millions of eyes across the globe joined the gazes of those who attended the event live. The level of responsibility went off scale, as did the level of delight.

Multi-colored LEDs shaped into the symbols of various sports disciplines, turned into the logo of the event, and merged into a dance of a giant swirling Dervish, echoed by the dancers below. As if the radiant soul of the performers ascended so that even the most far-seated spectators could see the sacred Sufi dance.

Teamwork and a sea of light definitely raised the sports spirit and set the tone for the competition. We are definitely satisfied with our 2nd drone show in Konya and will be happy to return.

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