Borusan's 80th Anniversary

Borusan's 80th Anniversary Drone Show

/ 750 DRONES
/ 15 MINS

Drone Show in Turkey: Corporate Spirit Turned into a Light Narrative

An extraordinary drone art and tech spectacle featuring 750 drones to mark the anniversary of Borusan, a Turkish industrial group based in Istanbul, noted for its steel production, automobile distribution, energy generation, and logistics activities. Illuminated kudos to every department and a vivid LED fireworks show—an experience to remember.

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company birthday
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May 2024
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A Vibrant Drone Art Spectacle in Istanbul

Borusan is a prominent Turkish industrial conglomerate headquartered in Istanbul. Established in 1944, the company has grown to become a key player in several industries, including steel production, automobile distribution, energy generation, and logistics. Borusan is widely recognized for its innovative approach, commitment to quality, and significant contributions to Turkey's industrial landscape. The group operates with a strong focus on sustainability and technological advancement, ensuring its continued relevance and impact in the global market.

Why a Drone Display for Corporate Event?

A drone show was an ideal choice for celebrating Borusan's 80th anniversary due to its ability to combine cutting-edge technology with visual artistry. This aligns perfectly with Borusan's image as a leader in innovation and its commitment to technological advancement. Stunning light displays and intricate formations not only captivated the audience but also symbolized the company's forward-thinking approach and dynamic presence in the industry. The incorporation of department-related figures added a personal touch, making the celebration both memorable and reflective of Borusan's diverse and impactful operations.

What Happened in the Sky?

During an unforgettable 15-minute performance, 750 drones lit up the sky of Istanbul with a spectacular display, creating breathtaking visuals and intricate patterns that wowed the audience.

  • The show began with meticulous preparation, leading to the drones taking off. The first formation, "O’Dan Başladık," set the stage for the celebration, immediately followed by the display of the "Borusan" logo, signifying the company's proud identity.
  • Next, the drones formed an image of the Earth, emphasizing Borusan's global impact. This smoothly transitioned into the "Coil," representing the company's roots in steel production. The shape of an "Excavator" emerged, showcasing Borusan's involvement in heavy machinery.
  • The show continued with a "BMW" symbol, highlighting Borusan's role in automobile distribution. Shortly after, a "Valve" appeared, symbolizing the company's diverse industrial operations. The "Shipping Ship" illustrated Borusan's logistics prowess.
  • Environmental consciousness was reflected with the display of "Leaves," followed by "Wind Turbines," underlining Borusan's commitment to sustainable energy. The formation of a "Book" and then a "Book with Notes" showcased the company's dedication to knowledge and innovation.
  • The message "Climate Human Innovation" appeared next, celebrating Borusan's focus on human-centered progress and climate awareness. This was followed by the message "Borusan 80 Years, Dana Yeni Başladık," highlighting the milestone anniversary and the company's ongoing journey.
  • The show concluded with a "Portrait" featuring Borusan's leader, and a stunning drone-made fireworks display. Finally, the drones gracefully landed, marking the end of a wonderful celebration.

Drone Light Shows Are the Future of Events

The drone show not only marked a significant milestone for Borusan but also highlighted the growing importance of such events in modern marketing and brand promotion. This innovative display created a unique connection with the audience, evoking positive and memorable emotions. By leveraging the power of drone technology, Borusan enhanced its brand visibility and recognition, both in the media and among the public. The stunning aerial performance served as an extraordinary showcase, blending science and beauty, and demonstrating Borusan's commitment to innovation and excellence. Such events are not just celebrations but strategic tools that foster strong corporate identity and leave a lasting impression on all who witness them.

As the use of drone shows in corporate events becomes increasingly popular, Cyberdrone will undoubtedly be at the forefront, bringing our expertise to enhance different experiences. It’s a perfect way to revolutionize how brands engage with their audiences, creating unforgettable moments and boosting brand awareness in the most captivating way.

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